Pump the breaks…

Hey yall! Sorry for the delay! I thought I better slow down from writing every day before I had my story on endo told in a week. 

I do want to share with you today there is HOPE for all who suffer from this horrible disease!  That hope is God! I am 33 years old, recently married, and no children. Not sure if I can have any yet. I will get more into the fertility part later on.  God has been with me every step of this journey! If not for Him I wouldn’t be here today! Cling to Him! His grace and mercy is new every morning! Please don’t let this disease steal your joy, stay strong! God bless! Proverbs 18:10

Menopause! What the what?!?

So after the second surgery I went back for my two week check up. My Doctor talked to me about this awesome drug she wanted to try me on that had a few drawbacks. One of those being it was very expensive and the other was that it would throw me into menopause! Hold the phone! I’m only 30 years old and I haven’t had children yet! Boy, did I have a lot of questions for her! So we discussed it and I went home, thought and thought about it. It would help me keep the endo at bay, but still wanted to ponder on it for awhile. She also told me that I wouldn’t have a period…yay!!! This was also not a permanent thing, it would all reverse itself once I stopped the injections. But wait, it would bring on hot flashes and night sweats! I weighed my options and chose to try it out. When I went back for my next visit  I started the injections. The hot flashes and night sweats began pretty quickly and it was not fun! My periods slowly stopped coming. Some may think this is a good thing but when your body is designed to do what it does and then it can’t ; you really begin to feel the effects of it. I felt bloated a lot and just didn’t feel good at all. 

This all went on for a year. I was told by my doctor that I could only take three injections in my lifetime because of the effects it would have on my bones. (⬅️ Hint:Remember this statement for later reference) So the injections helped keep the endo away an extra 12 months more than normal. But the side effects were not worth it. Some people it works for but it wasn’t for me! Years later I was told by another friend who endures the pain of this horrible disease that the injection I took and that she rejected, was a form of chemotherapy. She done her research, I didn’t! 

Sorry for posting so late today… I still can’t wait to share so much more about my journey with endo. I share only with the hopes of helping others who struggle with this horrible disease! Stay strong and God Bless!

Is the pain really back?

Just a little over a year later I decided to go talk to my fancy wancy brand new OB who I absolutely loved! So far she had been a caring and understanding doctor.  Then there was the fact that she was a woman, a woman who knew the female body before ever cracking open a book in med school! This day in particular that I decided to go see her was for severe pain that I was having like before. Like the pain right before my first surgery. But I was so naive that day I went in the doctors office. I thought to myself, it can’t happen again, not to me! Boy, was I wrong! She performed the exam in the room… You know, the one where you have to count the ceiling tiles to keep your dignity in tact. Yeah, well I almost kicked her in the face cause it hurt so bad!  She looks at me with a concerned look and says we need to get an ultrasound. Still at this point I’m clueless, thinking maybe she can just give me something for the painful periods and it will get better. So I go get this horrible ultrasound done and not the fun one on top of the belly! Just buckets of fun that day but still had no idea what the doctor was going to tell me a few minutes later. I go back to the cold exam room to wait for my doctor, which began to seem like forever.

Then she appeared. Her news was like a dagger to my heart! I heard one word and it brought me to tears. SURGERY! Again, not again! I was so numb. How could this be! She starts pulling out the calendar wanting to set up that day right then! No waiting or trying any meds! It’s pretty bad and it needs to be taken care of. I was sick! I was scared! Two surgeries in one year and still paying on the first. I can’t do this! So I thought. I got through it and so much more. My road gets a lot harder with this disease. With God’s grace I was able to overcome many obstacles!! It’s a tough disease that effects so many women. Always remember stay strong and smile through the storms!

Maybe it’s just gas?

It was the summer before I turned twenty nine. I remember it like it was yesterday…I had been wrenching in pain  for almost twenty four hours without any relief. I couldn’t go to the bathroom, I was doubled over in the bed, and had taken every over the counter medicine you could think of. I took things for gas, pain, and upset stomach.  Nothing! Nothing was working! I was in tears and screaming for someone to help me. Now granted three short months prior to this I had been to my OB telling her of a similar instance besides all my horrible periods. She performed a quick little exam there in the room (no ultrasound, I didn’t have insurance) and said well everything seems to be just fine! And sent me on my way!!!!!! With me telling her about my pain and horrible periods! Ok sorry, I got side tracked there for a second. So my mom gets worried about me since I can’t find relief so she turns to google. Well all my symptoms seem to add up to appendicitis. Mom panics and tells my dad to to grab up things for an overnight stay at the hospital. On the way to the hospital my daddy starts telling jokes trying to get me to laugh. He never likes to see me hurt! I remember him saying, if you got to poot you better do it now or that will be some expensive gas once we get there! Lol! We get there they take me back and start running test after test and tell me that I will be taken into surgery the following morning. I was so scared! I had never had surgery besides something at a dentist office.

So it was my first of many laparoscopic surgeries for  Endo! He said he had never seen Endo like mine that it was a blood filled sac and it was very large and on the verge of rupturing. At my two week check up I was told to get on birth control or have a baby to control this disease that I had! Oh and he proceeds to tell me yours looks like it will come back every 16-24 months. I was not on any kind of birth control because I have never been able to take that stuff. It makes me a blubbering mess! Oh and having kids then, ummmm well I wasn’t married and I kinda wanted a husband first. So with that being said yes this disease causes infertility and yes it causes miscarriages…but I also believe in God and miracles!  This was just the beginning of a whole lot of pain, suffering, debt, and being misunderstood. Still to this day I’m struggling with trusting doctors or even finding ones that want to listen. So I’m  thinking positive and keeping a happy heart!  Oh I can’t wait to share the rest of my story with y’all! Hope y’all enjoy and God Bless!