Oh baby!!

This post is gonna be emotional. Fair warning….

I want a baby so bad I can already see her! Why do I live with a disease that’s keeping that one small thing from me! Im angry and sad all together. 

Why is it so easy for people who don’t want babies to get pregnant? Then there are the ones who honestly just don’t treat their baby like the precious gift that it is! Children are amazing gifts from God! 

My chance for miscarriage and eptopic pregnancy are so much higher than a woman without endo! If ya wanna talk stats! Oh and I’m older now so that’s a strike against me! 

Oh and so many say to me well you should adopt! Or hey you should get a hysterectomy! I know people mean well but all this is just too much sometimes. Having a bad week! I just need to write down what was on my mind! #realtalk #nowyouknow I know God has a plan for me! I’m just hurting pretty bad, sad, and mad! I will push thru! #staystrong #endowarriors Happy Saturday! 

Oh and ended up at the OB yesterday for a pain shot in the hip to help with my pain!! 

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