Im started something new a couple weeks ago and I just got confirmation that maybe it will help my Endo symptoms. 

 I cut out all red meat right before I started the pink drink by Plexus. I’m gonna try to keep both going and let y’all know if it helps or not. 

My migraines/headaches have picked up in frequency. Not sure why! 

Oh I quit cokes too but still have my coffee in the mornings. Drinking more water. Will just see if all these things help. Stay Strong! Keep fighting! #endowarriors

Oh baby!!

This post is gonna be emotional. Fair warning….

I want a baby so bad I can already see her! Why do I live with a disease that’s keeping that one small thing from me! Im angry and sad all together. 

Why is it so easy for people who don’t want babies to get pregnant? Then there are the ones who honestly just don’t treat their baby like the precious gift that it is! Children are amazing gifts from God! 

My chance for miscarriage and eptopic pregnancy are so much higher than a woman without endo! If ya wanna talk stats! Oh and I’m older now so that’s a strike against me! 

Oh and so many say to me well you should adopt! Or hey you should get a hysterectomy! I know people mean well but all this is just too much sometimes. Having a bad week! I just need to write down what was on my mind! #realtalk #nowyouknow I know God has a plan for me! I’m just hurting pretty bad, sad, and mad! I will push thru! #staystrong #endowarriors Happy Saturday! 

Oh and ended up at the OB yesterday for a pain shot in the hip to help with my pain!! 

Pain 😩😫😖

I have been in the most excruciating pain everyday this week. It’s to the point I don’t know what to do anymore. I thought I would feel tons better after this last surgery but pain has almost worsen! I thought I had adjusted to the idea of being in pain all the time, but this is too much!!  ENDO is mean and horrible. Prayers please! #tryingtostaystrong #waitingondoc #tocallback

Hey hey 🙂

So I’m still trying to my VLOG going.. My Ol phone ain’t acting right with the video part so I’m gonna try and get a small camcorder.. The past two days I have had severe ovary pain!! Last night I felt like someone was stabbing my insides with a hot poker stick! I wish I could get through a day without pain! Wishful thinking! 😬 I’m in class today which makes the pain worse.. I’m not in my pjs with a heating pad on my couch, exactly where I can’t wait to be! 5pm seems so far away! One day down with my pink drink! Plexus!! Will keep y’all updated on how well it helps my symptoms! Love y’all and stay strong! #endowarriors

Want to keep y’all posted!

I’m working on doing a video log! I think I can say the things I want to better than typing it. I can’t wait to get it all going.. I hope this works! #findacure #endowarriors can’t wait to share my first video! Sorry for the slow process but once I figure out this blog/VLOG thing I will be a lot a faster. 😊 Hope y’all have a blessed day!!