So last few days have been crazy! Had pain both days but pushed through it. So I have been thinking about telling my story in a VLOG because so much happened in Atlanta and here at home… Just so many details! Ok so what do y’all think because it kinda makes me nervous! Ya know… Talking to yourself and your phone 😁 ya might feel a little crazy!?!? So let me know what y’all think while I’m trying to build my confidence! I just want more women to know what it’s Endo is about. #raiseawareness #endolife #staystrong #keepfighting ❤️💛❤️💛

Hey y’all!! 

It’s raining cats and dogs here at the home place! Haven’t felt very well today so I have been inside the entire day.. I want so bad to fill y’all in on my experience in Atlanta, GA. A time when I was very very sick with endometriosis and the damage it was doing to my body! It’s a lot to cover so get ready. In the days ahead I will share one of the worst experiences and the most life changing experience in my life! Much love!! Stay strong and keep fighting! #endowarriors

Pelvic Pain, joint pain, leg pain, all over pain…

I am at a place in my life where I accept the fact that I will hurt everyday! You grow accustomed to it all….doesn’t make it any easier! The damage this disease did to my body is unimaginable! The chronic pain all over, migraines, anxiety, it’s all so much for me. Especially since I was never hardly ever sick as a child. I’m at a higher risk for stroke and heart attack because of the stroke I suffered. All because one of the many surgeries I’ve had went terribly wrong. If I am ever able to become pregnant it will be a high risk pregnancy, for example my risk for eptopic pregnancy and miscarriage is greater! Fertility at this point in life is something I hope for but try not to get my hopes to high. 10 surgeries, medical debt, and pain….When will this vicious cycle ever stop?? 

Post op again! 

Not knowing sucks! 7 weeks out from surgery…. Still in pain!! Doc talked to me about babies and fertility drugs today. Needless to say I’m confused, scared, wondering and every “what if” is running through my head! I’m almost 35 and ten surgeries in the books with one scarred up tube… Should I even try this and end up heartbroken?? I just want peace! So many fertility options, if we can’t get pregnant but all are so expensive! Then it just makes me so mad that just this week I hear of a mother of two giving her children away because she just didn’t want them anymore!!! Why?????? I’m giving it all to God! I just had to put my thoughts on here. I use to think I was a strong women but I’m feeling so weak, tired, and broken! Thanks for letting me vent! #endowarriors 

Fast forward…

Ok… I’m gonna share about something’s that have happened this week. Yes, I’m skipping some years of my journey with endo but I promise I will go back and share it all. This week has been tough! 

Just when I thought things were looking up….ughhhh! Ok so as of right now, right this minute I have been endo free for at least ten months; with the uncertainty of when it’s gonna show back up. Last Friday I started having some very severe pain in my right ovary, debilitating kind of pain! I pushed through it because I really didn’t want to think anything was wrong or that the endo was back. The pain got worse with every day that passed.  So Tuesday I got appointment to see my doc, he had the hospital work me in for a sonogram.  Oh joy!! Doc got the results and set me up an appt. to see my OB the next day. 

The next day rolls around and guess what my OB wants another sonogram! Let’s not forget I’m in so much pain I can barely walk! So I’m watching the screen as he is doing the sonogram and as soon as he scans my right ovary there it is…….a GRAPEFRUIT sized cyst on my only ovary! 

Of course I start I crying because he starts telling he doesn’t think it’s cancer or endo(which is great!!) but that it’s a cyst that will continue to grow!! I can either take lupron injections (menopause) or have surgery! I’m tired of being cut on! I want to be a mom! What choices do I really have??? I’m heartbroken right now and just frustrated! 

I just want so bad to be healthy!! Stay strong endo warriors! It may not ever get any easier but always know there are many women out there who understand everything you are going thru because they are going thru it too! 

Psalm 147:3